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2K Graia + Knight

Graia Knight

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So, I'm pretty new to Warhammer, But I've played a few games, and Think I have an idea for what I want to do with my Army. 


My idea is to have 3 transports carry the bulk of the army (1 division of Vanguard, 1 Rangers, and 1 Ruststalkers, and the Warlord) into close quarters combat. Graia's Warlord Trait gives all of the vanguard and Rangers near him the ability to fire while in melee, so I want to tarpit with the ruststalkers and vanguard, while lighting them up with the Rangers and Vanguard.


Battalion: Stygies VIII


Rangers (5, Omnispex, 2x Arqs) 72pts

Rangers (5, Omnispex, 2x Arqs) 72pts

Rangers (5, Omnispex, 2x Arqs) 72pts


Techpriest Enginseer 30pts

Techpriest Enginseer 30pts

Battalion: Graia
Vanguard(5, Alpha w/Phosphor Blast Pistol, Power sword) 62pts
Rangers(10, Alpha w/Phosphor Blast Pistol, Power sword, Data Tether, 3 Plasma Cavaliers) 114pts
Vanguard(10, Alpha w/Phosphor Blast Pistol, Power sword, 3 Arc Rifles) 106pts
Rust Stalkers(5, Princeps, Chordclaw and Blades, Blades) 92pts
Datasmith 37pts.
Kastelans( 2, 1 With Phosphor Blasters, 1 With Fists, Both with Combuster) 215pts
Dunecrawler(Icarus Array) 102 
Dunecrawler(Phosphor) 117
Dominus(Volkite, macrostubber) 92pts: Warlord, Relic: Anzion's Pseudogenetor
Dominus(Eradication, Phospher Serpentia) 92pts
Daedalosus 50pts
Skorpius Dunerider 71pts
Skorpius Dunerider 71pts
Skorpius Dunerider 71pts
Super Heavy Auxiliary: House Raven
Knight Warden(Chainsword)418 pts
total: 1986 points
13 Command points
Please let me know any suggestions, or if I got point values wrong. 

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