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Bringers of Putrid Salvation

- - - - - A Death Guard Blog

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Been playing death guard for a while now and thought I would start a wee blog detailing painting, batreps and some tactica thoughts.


Photos will be up sometime this week.


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Looking forward to it!  I'm not a deathguard player, but I do appreciate seeing others painted minis. :)




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I was lucky enough to be able to get a quite a few 2k games this week against a variety of opponents.


1st game was against chaos. I cant remember exactly the lists.

His list was brutal, something like 3 lord discordants, some psyhic buffing HQ, 3 decimators with the soulburner petards (which basically do 4D3 mortal wounds per decimator), 3 units of CSM, 3 obliterators, and a defiler.

I had a daemon prince, plaguecaster, 2 bload drones with spitters, 2 crawlers, 2 units of plague marines (with extra knifes), 2 rhinos, 10 poxwalkers, 2 putrifiers, 7 blightlord terminators (with axes and combi-bolters), a dreanought with flail and heavy bolter, and a plague hulk.


I got 1st turn and he dropped propared positions

My shooting was amazing, managing to kill nothing but do an amazing 1 wound to a decimator...which he healed in his turn lol.


I got 1st turn, moved up a rhino, and cast -1 to hit on it., both rhinos then popped smoke.

I then shot everything I could into his decimators, killing none but doing a grand total of 1 wound....which he would then heal in his turn.


His shooting was pretty brutal, managing to kill both drones, take the plague hulk down to a wound and kill off one of the crawlers


There was a moment of hillarity where he shot a rhino, killing it, it then exploded, doing 3 MW to 2 disco lords, 2 MW to a decimator, and 1 MW to my plague hulk, which killed it and I then used the strat to force it to blow up, doing even more mortal wounds to his units......I did more damage to his army by having my own stuff die.


A combination of blightbombardment and vets did manage to kill a disco lord, with the unit then killing a decimator in combat.

My terminators also managed to kill a disco lord in combat, and with help from the daemon prince killed his last disco lord and a defiler.


The game ended after turn 7 with a deathguard victory by 1 point. However I was getting my ass kicked in the 1st 5 turns only managing to pull back in the last 2 turns


The deathguard resiliance resilance really showed this game, being able to take an absolute beating and then crawl back a victory.

However, my opponent was not aware of the grenade stratagem and it was really that which won me the game. Had he known about it he would have played a lot differently, and it probably would have ended in a total victory for him.

Also we really struggle to take the middle ground. Being so slow and not having any scouts etc, while also not being the best in CC can really make it hard for us to take objectives.



I would also like to point out just how much i hate rhinos.

Because i have so few infantry and i need the movement i feel i really need them, however they just suck. 

They stop your units from actually shooting, and when they die they can kill your guys anyway.

Also, because you can consolidate after combat, i find it really hard to place the units inside when the rhino dies in combat. Because of your base size and having to be within 3", its actually really hard to place 8 guys down and not be within 4" of any enemy unit, because he can just then consolidate 3" and then be within 1" of them.

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2nd Game was against custodies.

Again I cant remember exactly what he had but it was something like.

1 unit of troops, 2 units of jetbikes, 2 HQs on bikes and 1 on foot. A FW dread with some big ass spear, a big ass FW troop transport tank, a medium sized FW tank and a small FW tank.

Literally have no idea of their names.


I had 3 crawlers, 2 daemon princes and a plaguecaster, putrifier, 7 terminators, 2x7 plaguemarines in rhinos, 2 drones and 10 poxwalkers.


The game was going in the direction of a crushing victroy for the deathguard and my opponent concided end of turn 3.

I had 1st turn but my opponent made 2 huge mistakes. 1) he stole the initative and 2) he shot my crawlers.


I think the crawlers have a reputation for being fearsome but in realilty they are hugely overrated.

Had he not taken 1st turn, i would have moved up, and allowed him to get the charge off. As it happened my daemon prince and a drone managed to charge one of the biker units with the shield captain, and just decimated it. To be fair my rolling was disgusting, even the stupid drone get 4 hits thanks to DttFE, and killed 2 bikers.

Blightbombardment and VotLW killed his troops in my turn 2. The same unit also killed his warlord (shield captain on foot) in combat thanks to blades and VotLW.

His dreadnough did get into combat with my warlord (daemon prince) and did 7 wounds to him...but i passed 6 of the DR rolls. Honestly my rolling was just obnoxious. My daemon prince then took him down to 1 wound.

One of my crawlers took an abolsute beating being shot at and charged by his other unit of bikers and other biker shield captain but he wound survive the game on 2 wounds left.

Terminators then killed off the bikers and shield captain in combat.

The crawlers did kill of his small FW vehicle (T6, 8W 5++). God i hate the crawlers, 3 of the just managed to kill a :cussty vehicle.



Another thing i learnt was just how much wortal wounds deathguard can put out.

Custodies are probably our best matchup where they rely on armour and invuns.


However, again, the opponent was not aware for blightbombardment, and I think if he had shot my rhinos instead, then killed the plague marines it would have been a different game.

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Daemon Prince
Daemon Prince WIP
I wanted to have him floating above the ground to represent him flying.
He is breaking the ground below him, which has become corrupted with nurgles blessing
Dreadnought which is pretty much complete.
The bassing for the "power armoured" units will be different to the more daemonic units.
Plague Hulk
Plague Hulk WIP
Appologies for the poor quality photos.
I really do love this model, it looks amazing. Its just a shame its rules are complete pants and so sits on my shelf :(

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