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Reconfiguration Consensus Sought

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So, for a while now, I've been using variations on the following force (and not buying new models for it since some... The Goliath).

The problem is, I'm beginning to think it's objectively a terrible force. Not just suboptimal, but minimal.

I typically use RYZA, or GRAIA - but with only half-hearted success.

Lucius might work to get some mileage out of the robots, but I'm not convinced it's reliable.

What I've got is:
1* Dominus with Erad & Macrostubber
3* count-as Dominus/Manipulus (could be any combo, really, one could be Marbo[!] and another is an okay fit as Daeolosus)
2* Engineseer

2* 5 Rangers w/2 Arquebus
3* 10 Vanguard (1*3 Plasma, 1*3 Arc)
1* 3 arc^2 Breachers

1* Dunerider (Goliath counts-as Duner)
1* Erad Beamer Onager
1* Taser Sydonian
1* Datasmith
1* Several Servitors (for a squad or two of four, with several plasma/melta/bolter/all-claws)
5* Ruststalkers
8* Fulgurites
7* Corpuscarii
4* Kastellan with fists & combustors


I had success with the four robots in a 1500pts game recently, but otherwise its been a broadly miserable parade of... DATA GATHERING.

Individually, everything is more powerful and useful than you might expect, but also... Lacklustre.

I'm often able to run two Battalions, especially as the Skitarii can really get some inches of mileage out of the two Protocol stratagems...

But at once per turn, and at most affecting a single tank or 5 rangers or 10 Vanguard, its not terribly impressive.


I'd had notions of doubling down on some stuff - an in your face trio of distracting Eradication Beamer Onagers, but as they're all individual units, boosting them with strategems feels wasteful.

I'd had notions of more robots too, just to see if there was a tipping point that could be exploited thereafter...

But I'm not convinced.

Beyond all that, my hope is that somehow the next Codex edition will pivot such that all the good stuff becomes terrible and all the terrible stuff becomes good, but I'm not convinced that's likely.


Most of the major fixes available to me seem to be "buy different stuff entirely", so much so that I'd essentially be buying an entirely new army. Which isn't in the cards, nor the bank balance.

Anything obvious I'm missing?

Relent and look at using the above as two Omnissian-17 Battalions allied to support a more potent core of Salamanders or Deathwatch or some such?

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