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Unit of the Week: Sentry Pylon

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Welcome to the Necron Unit of the Week Series!


Each week a different unit will be highlighted for discussion until we have amalgamated a full list of our available options and their relevant tactics as 8th edition evolves. We already have a few previous entries but things change as FAQs and Chapter Approved books get released and we playtest new ideas so please feel free to reopen a topic when new options become relevant for discussion.


Please keep in mind this isn't to lament the status of featured units or compare them to others but to try and find their potential for all types of gameplay. Comments that do not adhere to this goal will be removed as they are not constructive to the topic.


This week’s unit is:




As a loose guide, here are some questions we could answer to help out any who happen upon our metallic corner of the B&C:


  • Do you play them as individuals or as a unit of two or three?

  • What Code do you prefer?

  • Do you make use of the teleportation matrix ability?

  • Which weapon do you find most useful?

  • What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of this unit?


Now over to you!


Nemesor Tyriks

Nemesor Tyriks


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I've proxied one a few times with the heat ray (I think this was in the index or early codex days). At the time DDAs were awfully overpriced and I was really struggling to hurt vehicles, so I started bringing one. It did real work for me, since it's easy to find a spot within 18" (melta range) of a vehicle. That said, you really want to be within 18" of multiple vehicles so you can fire on subsequent turns if you survive. It loses some bite if you're out of melta range. But it did definitely wreck a few vehicles.

That said, now it can't come down turn one. That hurts it since any vehicle that you really need to kill you probably don't want running around for a turn unchecked. I have not tried the other guns, and I suppose you could start it on the board and hope it survives a turn. I might buy one soon ish if only because the models are cool.

Beatnik cryptek

Beatnik cryptek


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May we and those we care for all make our toughness and armor rolls versus COVID is this dark hour we find ourselves in.

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