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What about the faster Daemons?

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Hi all,


I own a pretty decent Daemon Force, but it mainly consists of the various infantry models namely Nurgle Plaguebearers, Nurglings, Horrors as well as some supporting characters and some GUOs.


I also own some faster moving Daemons, but only Flamers, exaltted Flamer and 5 Fleshhounds, though I´ve never played the Fleshhounds, just painted them. Oh, and Daemonprinzes of course.


And while I really love the flamers, I´ve been rather underwhelmed by all of the other "faster" Daemons out there. Though I´ve never played them.


Right now I´m in the process of building my list for the next game (around 1k to 1250 pts max) which will be a multi player game with a whole bunch of newer players. In fact I think that I´m the only really experienced player. The last 2-3 games in that style the newer players regularly didn´t have any real chances due to not properly knowing the rules, missing experience with the game and their armies, ... I think you understand.


Well, that being said, I thought it might be the right time to dive into some new experiences, ie running the faster Daemons. I´m especially interested in




Fiends of Slaanesh

mounted Daemonettes


Do you have any experience with one of these units?

Is it worth to buy some of these units?


Thanks in advance






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I have an all slaaneshi force that I've played once, that had a unit of 5 seekers (the mounted daemonettes), a seeker chariot and a hellflayer chariot.  They all seemed rather fragile - good as a harassment unit, but not something that you wanted to charge into any unit with real firepower as they can melt even from overwatch alone.  Additionally, given the speed of even daemonettes on foot, I'm not convinced that the extra cost is worth the extra movement unless you are using them to go deep into the opposite deployment zone.


Basically, they are kind of like fragile bikes without the firepower, and are good at the same movement related purposes like grabbing objectives, tieing up small shooty units and getting into the enemy's deployment zone.




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I think Seekers are good to draw firepower away from the rest of your army.

Depending on your opponents deployment a turn 1 charge is not unlikely.

Hope to go first, give 20 of them the Delightful Agonys and in your opponents shooting phase the Warp Surge stratagem. They still die relatively quick, but with a bit of luck the opponents firepower will be spent by that time so that you can follow up on turn 2 with Daemonettes, Charriots, Fleshhounds, Screamers, Bloodletter / Pink Horror Bombs, Princes and the likes.


If your opponent goes first and / or you fail a turn 1 charge its bad. Then the Seekers will most likely die and you follow up units have to deal with any kind of screen first...

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