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Adepticon/ Event Librarian in TDA

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Bryan Blaire

Bryan Blaire


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Well, lead time from finished model design to release is substantial... the product itself isn't actually finished until all aspects of it are done, and that includes packaging, any rules needed to support it, mold cutting, production build up, etc.

GW might be sitting on 4-5 years worth of finished model designs right now, but it takes a while for them to get through all the other portions needed for a release to occur. It may also lead to funny situations where staffers are reading Facebook, Instagram, and maybe even message boards, and are amused at the comments about Factions being hated or neglected because the design work for things was done a year ago. They themselves may even be impatient, wondering why the rules/story teams can't get their butts in gear so that more releases can get done, or people are ticked off at the physical plant not being finished by the contractor yet because production is still bottle-necked, etc.
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Rik Lightstar

Rik Lightstar


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Also keep in mind that the lead times won't be the same for every release.

Genestealer Cults, Sisters of Battle and the new AoS Death Force are all examples of either a completely new army release or such a massive rework that it's largely the same thing. These probably do have years of work in them.

One the other hand you have the stuff that is relatively quick to produce, single models for example or 1:1 replacements for existing kits, like the new Havoks for CSM or the new Chaos Warriors that they teased for AoS, I can see either of those having a lead time of under a year.


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