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Battlescribe help for a newb?

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Inquisitor Eisenhorn

Inquisitor Eisenhorn


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I'm really interested in generating some lists w/battlescribe given all of the rules reminders they incorporate into their profiles.  But the way I play kill team is basically totally narrative and full of completely illegal and home-brewed units.  


So for example, I have a Blood Angels list which is a team of heroes, namely a Primaris Sanguinary Preist, Primaris Lieutenant, Primaris Chaplain, Primaris Death Company Intercessor, you get the idea.


And I have a Deathwatch list with things like a  Primaris Reiver Black Shield with a deathwatch shotgun, a Primaris heavy with a frag cannon, etc.


So how can I augment/tweak the lists/options that Battlescribe has for these lists so that I can properly represent their names, gear and rules?  I'm sure this is possible, that's the whole point of Battlescribe right?  I just don't know how to mess with data sets at all.



Dolchiate Remembrancer

Dolchiate Remembrancer


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I'm not 100% sure but I think you get extra options with the paid version.
Can't say if that will allow you to add units into a KT list that normally wouldn't be there...

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It's been a while since I've tried battlescribe but I think there is a checkbox in the options somewhere that needs to be (un-)set to enable such "illegal" lists.



That, among other reasons, is why I use a spreadsheet program from an office suite (e.g. open/libre/star office) for most of my army building (and pen & paper for the rest) - takes more time & effort to set up & get used to, but allows a lot more freedom in terms of list building.

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Even if there is an "allow illegal options" (can't say whether there is or not) it might not be a good idea to authorize it, as it would likely allow you to take any option, meaning that every single killteam unit would be ilsted as an option to take.  Personally, I wouldn't want to have to wade through every single option from 3+ books to find the 1 that I wanted.


Kill teams are simple enough that your best bet is simply to copy down the options you want onto the roster by hand - even if you don't have the book for said option, you could find them through battle scribe by making a "dummy" legal killteam with just the desired options and printing/transcribing those units.

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