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What is an 'ability'?

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Per the thread title, I'm curious about what things in the game are abilities? Or is it a catch-all term for everything like special rules, stratagems, warlord traits or psychic powers, as examples?




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Abilities  are rules that apply to a model and our found on the models data sheet (normally between the weapon stats and the keyword block in the section labled: Abilities).


There may be abilities that can be granted via other means such as WLT or powers...


EDIT - abilities also include the faction rules (ie space marine chapter tactics, SoB <order> convictions) and the troops objective secured.




So Abilities are anything that states its an ability.

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I'm confussed... what side of the fence am I on???






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Thanks for the answer, though the rules are still a bit unclear, since a lot of things don't state at all that they're an ability, and the rulebook occasionally refers to things as something other than an ability, such as a 'rule'.

As a more concrete example, the Canticle of Hate litany grants +2" to a Charge, but states that this does not stack with other abilities that do the same. Is a Stratagem that grants +1" Charge an ability, and is a Warlord Trait that grants +1" Charge an ability?
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To add another example. Does the chaplain Litany that extends the range of aura abilities also extend the range of something like the relic that has a 3" bubble of 4++?

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