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question: long fang spearhead detachment for apocalypse Y/N?

long fangs apocalypse spearhead detachment space wolves

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Hello fellow Fenrisians,  I had a couple of questions for you all, I hope you can help.


I was thinking of making a spearhead detachment of mainly long fang squads in the following configuration.



1st pack LF 6 members  

1 Sgt with power weapon and plasma pistol 

5 plasma cannons 


2nd pack LF 6 members 

1 sgt power weapon and plasma pistol 

5 missile launchers 


3rd pack LF 6 members 

1 Sgt with power weapon and plasma pistol

5 heavy bolters


4th pack  PA WG with Jump packs 5 members 

frost weapons and bolt pistols. 


1. I wanted to know, if i give Long fangs plasma cannons and I were to super charge them and I rolled a 1 do I initially re-roll the 1 because they are long fangs and they have fire discipline.  basically giving them a chance to not blow up unless they roll a 1 again. Or do they simply blow up because it was a plasma cannon?


2. I also wanted to know if I should leave these guys on foot? razor back them? or put them in drop pods?


3. Is there anything else you would add if you had a list kind of like this?


P.S My main joy is simply building and modeling, but i try to make sure they are playable forces. I figure I would use them in apocalypse style games, which is what im designing my wolves to be, iv never played it before but I want to try it out

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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I can help with that first problem of yours. If you overcharge a plasma weapon, roll a 1 and have a reroll, yes, you get to reroll it. Source: own plasma weapons and Captain auras.

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