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Some more noob questions

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That is a *lot* of changes in one go, can it even be called tweaks at this point?
With a 'fresh' army i think it's important to get to know it bit before making any changes, less so changing it wholesale.
Yes you lost badly against dark eldar but what could you have done differently? Was the mission or terrain particularly helpful? Was your Wrath guard being transported or teleporting, did they do something mission critical before being poisoned to death?
Were you able to zone him out?
And yeah -2 to hit sucks but there is melee..
I know your environment is exceptionally cut-throat, but people keep saying the best generals win regardless of list.... Can you chop your falcon into a night spinner?
Which WK build will you take?

Well first off I am no best General. Lol.

Secondly I am not playing to win. I am playing to understand. I do not own all these models so working out some of the proxies I’m using is helping me understand before committing to some of the bigger expenses and changes.

Thirdly I completely agree it’s a wholesale change. The reason being I feel I’ve overcommitted to an enjoyable theme that might not work.

This was my second game with the list and some very apparent things have stuck out to me. The big one in this game was that most of what I brought was almost entirely outclassed by tournament level DE. I was out shot, out maneuvered, out assaulted, and lost the board control game through early, devastating losses.

There was a point I considered overloading his flank back in my turn one but I would have been completely cornered, allowing too much freedom to his Talos squad which I had no answer for. His ranged Ravagers were better than anything I had by T2. So I would have (I assume) just lost slower.

I’m not perfect. I realized a few minor things I should have done but the big glaring thing that stuck out to me was I simply cannot do the Dark Eldar thing. They’re better at it.

Also the biggest regret I have is not realizing sooner how much reliance some of mediocre units have on Psychic prowess. I have to fix that ASAP. And I should have know better... I play Thousand Sons which have a very similar reliance.

Vibro Cannons look great, and Guardians are a very versatile unit, I think those are good changes.

The Wraithknight, I am interested to hear about. Even with the points drop it still does not seem like a competitive choice to me. Although I understand it is also a place holder currently.

I see the guardians as necessary in this list (kind of surprised they didn’t get a drop). I have had a lot of trouble with massed troops and screens. I struggled so much to hit tough targets with all these really surprising platforms that are incapable of moving and shooting. The Vibros are an easy replacement on paper anyway. They take good advantage of Expert Crafters.

The Wraithknight is perhaps just a placeholder as you say ( I’ll be using an Imperial Knight for him). I’m looking at the sun cannon shield variant for maximum efficiency. This becomes the cheapest super heavy walker thingy in the game I believe. Unlike a lot of other factions, this army can actually buff him. So perhaps even as a distraction carnifex this could take heat off the other wraith units and vehicles.

I have two games scheduled this week. Not sure what I’m playing on Wednesday but I’ll update with some results. Thanks for your opinions guys. I appreciate it.

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I truely believe the Wraithknight is going to surprise you. Most people scoff at it due to what 8th did to the poor thing...but you will see the difference especially now that it benefits from other eldar buffs, cheaper points. I'm partial to the sword and board variant but the suncannon does look like it can do work on paper. 


I'm one of the crazy people that would field two Wraithknights both sword and board and just move them at the enemy to see what they can accomplish



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'If you think a knight can be shot off the board t1, wait til you see it without a built in invuln or super cheap 4++, now with worse shooting for freeeeeee. Limited time offer: no stratagems and your entire army's psychic might will have to focus to keep it alive.'




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And Emicus has hit where the problem with Wraithknights is.... its their surivablity in a meta thats built for removing Imperial knights in a turn :(

Dyspraxic & Dyslexic  - So I might not write/explain what I think I have as clearly as intended to.... 


I'm confussed... what side of the fence am I on???



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