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Rubicon Primaris

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So I’ve been following the psychic awakening and other releases with with the new Primaris and it seems to be standard upgrade of 1W and 1A when someone crosses the rubicon. Now I was thinking, there are whole chapters that are Primaris but we’re still missing quite a few characters and units, like techmarines and Company Champions or say Company Command squads. My thought was home ruling the upgrade to Primaris. Again from what I’ve found the Primaris upgrade adds 1w and 1a, correct? War gear aside when I look at standard models vs their primaris counter part the points breaks down as this:

Captain - 74 pts
Primaris Captain - 78 pts
~ 4pts

Chaplain - 72 pts
Primaris Chaplain - 77 pts
~ 5 pts

Librarian - 80 pts
Primaris Librarian - 90 pts
~ 10 pts

Apothecary - 50 pts
Primaris Apothecary - 60 pts
~ 10 pts

Company Ancient - 63 pts
Primaris Ancient - 69 pts
~ 6 pts

That’s roughly 7 points per model averaged out for the Primaris upgrade. Funny enough thats exactly the difference between the Tactical Squad and the Intercessors. If you add the points and add the characteristic boost to say a Company Champion, then you could have a Primaris Company Champion.


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Brother Casman


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This seems like a pretty good stop-gap to build up a stable of the "missing" Primaris characters. It looks like we could use 7 points as our baseline for the Primaris upgrade cost, as I find it's more acceptable to people to be slightly more expensive when building unofficial models/units.
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