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Psychic Awakening 4 - Ritual of the Damned

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Bryan Blaire

Bryan Blaire


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I hate to be the pedant in the group (actually I love it, but it's beside the point...), but in the WHC article on 15th January it states that Lazarus is "the first-ever Primaris member of the Inner Circle."
This could just be because the guys writing the WHC articles aren't as 'hot' on Dark Angel lore, and there was an editorial slip on the terminology used, but when I first read that article I was both confused and annoyed. If it turns out they meant first to cross the Rubicon, then I'm perfectly happy with that.

Don’t think you are being a pedant - just goes to show that they aren’t stating things well or consistently. I’m quoting from the latest pre-order page on Warhammer Community: https://www.warhamme...-space-marines/

Psychic Awakening: Ritual of the Damned also sees the arrival (in model form) of Master Lazarus – the first-ever member of the Inner Circle to cross the Rubicon Primaris.

So yeah - WHC editing at its finest. Guess we have to wait on the book to see what it actually says (and hopefully it’s not yet another permutation on the concept).
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The recent noise marine can't have been alone. I'd say it was a quick and easy side project based off a larger new EC range and using similar designs. Similar to that limited edition sisters model that was out before the big release.

That's pretty much how GW work: release a single box (figure in starter box or single boxed unit/character) 'cos that was the testing-the-water proof of concept for the sculptor, production run & painting teams, then once they're happy internally with how that's worked out, base a more noticable product on that style.


Um, no. Slambo is similar retread for nostalgia buyers as the noise marine, no line of similar models appeared. Greyfax, no Inquisition. Sly, no Catachans. Centos, no squatmarines. Warhammer quest is full of nostalgia minis and one off-concepts, and only a tiny handful of them were ever mentioned again. Etc, etc, also funny how you mention Celestine bodyguards when they are both canonesses and the new book explicitly gave middle finger to the very concept of jet pack canoness, making them pretty much anti-example...

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Yeah there are more examples of GW releasing a model without following up on it (Blackstone would be a big example) and there are also many examples of GW just releasing something without "testing the waters". Considering how long the planing and design process of things are and how packed their schedule is these days there wouldn't be any room to "testing the waters" like this anyway.





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=][= Until we have more concrete information rather than speculation and discussions rapidly going off-topic, this thread will stay closed.


If more news comes to light, please report this thread/post to make the Mods aware of this new development. =][=



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