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First Battle, New Codex

Adepta Sororitas New Codex Army List

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Tried out my Sacred Rose Sisters vs. Ultramarines the day after we got the new Codex.


2,000 point game. My aim was to try out the new rules and also a few new units (Zephyrim, Mortifier)


As always there is some luck involved but the Sisters performed very well indeed (13-4). Very much looking forward to future games with the new rules!






I really need to remember the Miracle Dice before I make a die roll. I kept forgetting.


Mortifiers definitely need to be in a group. 


Zephyrim didn't do much however they DID draw far more than their fair share of enemy fire simply due to their ability to make saves, which kept that same fire away from other units for a turn (I sent them into the middle of the board into area terrain to grab an objective).


The new Exorcists are murder machines smile.png Like giant can openers.


I stacked the Rod of Office and Book of St Lucius on my Canoness to pump her bubble to 12". Very handy. Gave her the WL trait for the bonus to invulnerable saves.


I used the Sacred Rite that acts like an Astates Banner on a 5+. Very handy.


Dropped my large squad of Seraphim with the Inferno pistols on turn 2 and finished off one of those big new primaris tanks worth 300+ points using the range bonus stratagem. SO satisfying to finally be able to do that with Seraphim smile.png

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