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Mixing Chaos Marine and TS kits?

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I don't own the new stuff to compare, just curious how compatible the new Chaos Marine kit is with the Rubric one. Also wondering if you think Chaos Marines are acceptable as Rubrics? I'd like to mix up the look running multiple squads, but I didn't know if tournaments tended to get quirky about the models since Rubrics have official ones. I played a long time in the era where Rubrics had no model and you just painted a Chaos marine in the appropriate colors.

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I can't see any reason why they would have an issue. as long as you make it clear at the start. I too am from a time where my thousand sons were just blue/gold chaos marines (and a few others) but have embraced the new plastic kits.


in terms of compatibility, you'd probably want the multi part kit as the shoulder pads, etc will be easier to mix and match than those from Shadowspear. I've only done it so far with a couple of sorcerers to give my Rubrics some variety in leadership.

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Basically the TS Sorcerers, Rubric Marines and Deathwatch kill team were the last of the old school 1999 Jes Goodwin marine parts philosophy, but upscaled to have longer legs and more upright stances.


The 2019 chaos marines are similar in scale to the Rubrics, but don't have a waist ball and socket. The arm, head and shoulder pads still work the same way the Jes Goodwin ones do but there's some slight scale issues that shouldn't be noticeable with the Rubrics but can cause issues with older kits.


So basically:


Heads - interchangeable between all marine kits, you can put primaris marine heads on 90s khorne berserkers and they fit fine.

Shoulder pads - pretty much interchangeable but some of the 2019 chaos marine ones have much bulkier trims so ironically primaris marine shoulder pads go easier onto 90s models. In the end this only effects some poses with back packs

Arms - one handed weapon arms interchangeable but might have scale issues, two-handed weapons might not be the right width for the torsos

torsos - Torso fronts and backs changed joining system in the 2000s but can be glued together fine. As mentioned above width changes in the torso can screw with two-handed weapons

back packs - attachment systems vary as does scale but they can be glued

legs - putting old legs on the new plague marines or 2019 chaos marines requires cutting and sculpting

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