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Astartes Channel Deleted? - Boycott Youtube.

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Karack Blackstone

Karack Blackstone


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Hello all.


The only way we might ever see non Astartes animation on the level of the Astartes channel, which has now been deleted, has just taken a huge blow.


The Astartes channel has been deleted.

What are we to do as those who love a setting anyone with a sound mind would be loathe to live in?




Boycott Youtube.


There has been nothing but an outpouring of love and wonderful reviews about the Astartes channel. The only reasonable way that the fans can provide any measure is to prove our love of a common thing, as individuals...


Is to unite and boycott Youtube.


There's how many of us?

The world moves when enough people get together to make a difference.


Youtube thinks its too big to fail?



Will you help prove that it can falter, and if need be, fall, to the name of the things we love?


Join me.

Unite, and boycott Youtube until the channel Astartes is restored.




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You realized the channel was hacked and the hacker deleted it? The actual owner is working with YouTube to restore the account.  However, this is neither news nor rumors and therefore I'm closing it. 

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