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3k Mechanicum Taghmata

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  • Faction: World Eaters 121st Company
Hello everyone,

I plan on trying out what I  currently have in my collection with the list below.

The plan would be to put the two magos with the the Thanatar/Castellax, to secure my backfield and push forward with the ursurax (joined by the archmagos), the Domitar, the Hoplites and the Macrocarid full of Myrmidons, in order to keep my opponent from focusing too much on my warlord.

I'm not surre if outflanking the Vorax is worth the risk, but I fear that they might get shot of too quickly otherwise.

I also fear, that that many Irradiation engines might be a bit much for friendly games.

Crusade (Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List) [3,000pts]
  • HQ
  • Magos Prime [290pts]

    Selections: Abeyant, Archmagos Prime, Chainfist, Cortex Controller, Cyber-familiar, Jet Pack, Malagra, Mastercraft a single weapon, Meltagun, Paragon Blade, Rad Grenades

  • Magos Dominus [105pts]

    Selections: Augury Scanner, Laspistol, Machinator Array, Power axe

  • Magos Dominus [105pts]

    Selections: Augury Scanner, Laspistol, Machinator Array, Power axe

  • Elites Domitar Class Battle-automata Maniple [220pts] Flak Missiles, Frag Grenades, Paragon of Metal
  • Troops
    • Adsecularis Covenant [100pts]

      Carapace Armour, Las-lock, 20x Tech-thrall, The Rite of Pure Thought

    • Castellax Class Battle-Automata Maniple [305pts]

      Enhanced Targeting Arrays

      • Castellax class Battle-automata

        Selections: 2x Bolter, Darkfire Cannon, Shock Chargers

      • Castellax class Battle-automata

        Selections: Darkfire Cannon, Flamer, Siege Wrecker

    • Secutarii Hoplite Phalanx [270pts]

      9x Secutarii Hoplite

      • Secutarii Alpha

        Selections: Arc Lance

      • Triaros Armoured Conveyor

        Extra Armour

    • Thallax Cohort [135pts]

      3x Thallax

  • Fast Attack
    • Ursarax Cohort [185pts]

      1xPower Fist, 3x Ursarax

    • Vorax Class Battle-automata Maniple [295pts]

      Bio-corrosive ammunition, Enhanced Targeting Arrays, Frag Grenades

      • Vorax Class Battle-automata

        Lightning Gun

      • Vorax Class Battle-automata

        Lightning Gun

      • Vorax Class Battle-automata


    • Vultarax Stratos-automata Maniple [175pts]
  • Heavy Support
    • Macrocarid Explorator [295pts]

      Anbaric Claw, Armoured Ceramite, Dozer Blade, Flare Shield, Multi-melta, Two irradiation engines

    • Myrmidon Destructors [255pts]
      • Myrmidon Destructor

        Irradiation engines

      • Myrmidon Destructor

        Irradiation engines

      • Myrmidon Lord

        Irradiation engines

    • Thanatar Class Siege-automata Maniple [265pts]

      Enhanced Targeting Array

  • Allegiance
    • Allegiance


    • Legio

      Taghmata Omnissiah



Thanks in advance!

Lautrec the Embraced

Lautrec the Embraced


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I'm a rather inexperienced Mechanicum player, so just a few things that I'd do differently.

-Jet Packs are pretty good though I'm not sure Malagra needs them. I'd rather my super expensive melee beast had T6 so that no Vindicator or Medusa can ID him. It also improves his damage output, 2 extra shredding axe attacks are useful against marines. Besides, his Prefered Enemy works also on the unit he joins, so you can add him to a shooting squad and still benefit greatly. Sure, he needs a jet pack to keep up with Ursarax but I don't think they make great bodyguards for him.

- Irradiation Enignes are extremely effective but it comes at a high price. However, I'm not sure if both Macrocarid and Destructors should have them. As you mentioned it may look slightly too aggresive but it also creates an oversaturation of Ap3 templates. A smart opponent would try to use it by deploying 2+ armoured troops nearby. Even a singular artificer armour sergant may tank a lot of hits from Engines thus saving his squad. Besides, Myrmidons are effectively BS10, it could be considered a waste to give them Template weapons.

I'd opt for either Macrocarid with Engines and Myrmidons inside with 'something else or try to keep them separate - Destructors go one way and Land Raider the other, maybe even drop Triaros and transport Hoplites inside Macrocarid. But hey, that's what I would do, your tactics might be better.

-Domitar costs exactly the same as Arlatax, the former is better against vehicles but the latter deals with infantry better due to higher I, shred and being jump monster. Depending on what you want your monster to do, either might be better.

-I'm not so sure if two Dominus ( guess it's latin so two Domini ?) are really useful. They can use Cybertheurgy powers but then they can't shoot Beamers, right? Same thing with Battlesmith, either they shoot or repair. I think Tech-Priest Auxilia might to their job better. Reductor Tech Adept is better at shooting, Enginseer one is more likely to repair and Lacyr-something one is really good for huge screens of Adesecularis.

Edited by Lautrec the Embraced, 11 December 2019 - 06:06 PM.

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