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Impressions from Battles Fought with the New Codex

Sisters of battle New Codex

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In my first game last week against Ultramarines I did do exceedinlgy well but I must admit my opponents dice rolling was terrible and he forgot to grab an objective for two turns. Still I felt my Units performed pretty well. He did remember to wipe my stormbolter Dominions from the board first thing as they tend to erase Primaris squads ;) Last week's list is in the list section.


The new Exorcist missile launchers are murder machines for vehicles. I haven't tried the conflagration rockets yet.


I gave my warlord Canoness the Rod of Office and Book of St. Lucius and found that 12" bubble extremely useful with both Lead the Righteous and Indomitable Belief.


Today I go against Ad Mech Knights. I did my usual mix of weapons in each squad of the brigade (melta, flamer) and I expect Holy Trinity will be extremely useful on whichever squad gets its flamer model within 8 inches of a target. Only taking two Exorcists and may regret it later, but I am taking a Multi Melta Retributor Squad with extra models, a Simulacrum and will post a Hospitaller near them to try and keep them in the game as long as possible.


I added an Inquisitor to see how that will work out: using an Ordo Xenos one to try and farm some additional Command Points because our Stratagems are very good and I can use all the CP I can get. :)

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Peace may cost less than war, or infinitely more, for war cannot cost more than one's own life.


-Klingon proverb

Purifying Tempest

Purifying Tempest


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You weren't very clear, but remember that the Rod of Office only extends the aura range of Lead the Righteous, nothing else.  Just for clarity there :)


Also, glad to hear it is going well and you're doing well.


I bet Primaris players are so expecting to wipe people off of the table with ease that he was too focused in that instead of playing the game.  It'll be interesting once he figures out that he needs to play the mission from the first turn on.  I still think it will be a very hard, but manageable, match-up.

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