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Bringers the truth ( Starting a Word Bearers force )

40k word bearers chaos undivided

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Captain Rex

Captain Rex


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Its been a long time since I have painted anything due to a serious incident that happened to my wife but now she is on the mend I am able to get back into the hobby.
As it goes im starting from scratch I had no idea what faction, race or if i ever wanted to paint anything GW again, but a walk into my local store and a nose around I was stuck by the the new Chaos models ( in the early 90's I had a Iron Warrior army that was almost at 6000 points ) i've tinkered painting Space Marine, Ork and Eldar but the Chaos Gods have always had a soft spot in my heart.
I picked up the new start collecting Chaos Marine set and I was amazed at how far they have come on so my mind was set on it ( I also picked up the Chaos Lord and the new Sorcerer )
Next was what legion do i go with, so after sitting down with the box and looking at the sprues I decided on the Sons of Lorgar.
The reason for that is I love the idea of fielding any of the 4 dark gods in one army ( and Deamons!!! )
So as i had a Sunday afternoon to myself I decided to start building and try out my colour scheme 
WB 1
Album: Word Bearers
1 images

Thanks for looking






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Marshal Loss

Marshal Loss


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Always happy to see another Bearer of the Word!


Sons of Horus 29th Company

Kolgrim DeathHowl

Kolgrim DeathHowl


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Looking good so far!!


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