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Returning to the fang, need some suggestions

Space Wolves

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Kolgrim DeathHowl

Kolgrim DeathHowl


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Hey all I used to do SW back when I first started in the late 90's early 2000s. Never got to play  but I was building up an army to go up to the local shops with. Long story short life happened and I'm back. I'm building a DW army with some Inquisition in it. But I just got my old SW army out of storage, I just wrote down what all I had so I could come here and see if they're worth keeping for playing. I'm actually thinking about adding a detachment to my DW list to see how it goes. I'm pretty new to playing the game but I've been around for a long time in the hobby part.


This is just a rough draft just shows what models I have, I had a copy of the whole army written down but I lost it somewhere over the years. Like half of them are painted and the other half are primed, probably have to repaint them so they all match though. And maybe over the years some of this stuff can't be done would be cool if you could let me know if there are things I have to change.



Logan Grimnar

Wolf Priest


Grey Hunters

1 GHPL boltgun/power axe

6 GH Boltgun

1 GH Flamer


1 WGPL Boltgun/power fist

8 GH Boltgun


Blood Claws

1 WGPL Power Fist/Chainsword

1 BC Flamer

1 BC Power fist/Chainsword

6 BC Bolt Pistol/Chainsword

1 BCPL Bolter/Power Axe (Am I allowed to have 2 different pack leaders in one group?)


1 WGPL Storm Bolter/Power sword

1 BCPL Bolt Pistol/Power Axe

1 BC Meltagun

2 BC Bolt Pistol/Power Axe

1 BC Bolt Pistol/Power Sword

2 BC Bolt Pistol/Power Fist



1 Bolter-Flamer/Chainfist

4 Not built (Heavy flamer, Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, also have access to LC SS in bits)



3 Bolt Pistol/Power Sword

2 shotguns

1 Bolt Pistol/Chainsword


5 Fenrisian Wolves

4 Jump pack w/Bolt Pistol and Chainsword


Long Fangs

2 Missile Launcher

1 Lascannon

1 Plasma Cannon

1 Heavy Bolter


1 Rhino

1 Predator

2 unbuilt Razorbacks I could use for them


I also bought the Talons of Morkai Battlebox to add too, eventually I'd like to play my armies separate from the others. Wanted to come here and ask for suggestions before I buy anything else. I have a bad habit of buying more stuff when I haven't finished the stuff I have lol.

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Looks like you have a good spread of units there. Nothing too bad either. I would honestly use them as a filler until you build up your DW army. It seems like DW is where you are wanting to go right now. Not a bad choice either. Their whole line is relatively new and they have bigger marine models that look decent when standing next to the new primaris models.


However, if you decide to stick with Space Wolves you'll have a decent starting point for sure.

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Kolgrim DeathHowl

Kolgrim DeathHowl


  • 1,395 posts
  • Location:Blairsville, GA

Sounds good, thank you for the feedback!!


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