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Fortis kill teams

Primaris Deathwatch Fortis Killteam Kill team Intercessors

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I was wondering what your experiences are with these primaris kill teams. I've done different compositions but keep missing the effectiveness that a veteran kill team has. Curious to read what compositions you guys have made and had succes with and what you think of my 4 compositions. 


My favorites:


-6 intercessors with bolt rifles + 4 hellblasters with plasma incinerators (combat squads for 3+2) 
Their role is to hold homefield objectives and take objectives/ground up to mid-field.


-6 intercessors with auto bolt rifles + 2 reivers with bolt carbines + 2 aggressors with ABG and FGL (combat squads for 3+1+1)

Their role is to advance up to enemy deployment taking mid-field and enemy territory objectives. Also great units to thin out hordes before advancing up.


-5 intercessors with auto bolt rifles + 1 reiver with combat knife + 1 aggressor with FSG + 1 inceptor with plasma exterminators 

Their role is to advance and charge or to form a first line of defence against CC units. Lots of shots coming, even in overwatch and the inceptor allows them to retreat after the first incoming CC and shoot again. Forming an organised retreat while everything can shoot.


-5 intercessors with stalker bolt rifles + 1 aggressor with ABG and FGL

Their role is to keep backfield objectives and to pick on 2W models like primaris



P.S. For AV I always use up to 3 venerable dreads with TL/ML combo. Never use infantry for it due to the low damage impact vs point costs, rather ignore the tank and play the objective game then.

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For me, I tend to use more Veteran unit variations. The few fortis kill teams I do include, I go for:


5 stalker bolt rifles... cheap-ish, long range support. If I have the points, I'll add an aggressor and follow a unit up the board.


5 auto bolt rifles + 1 aggressor... I purely just like having a cheap-ish, fast moving squad with max dakka at 24-18" range. I can rush an objective and still support squads moving in parallel. I also add a Reiver every now and then for fun CC shenanigans, as well as the shock grenade. I do need to add a powerfist to the Sgt at some point and I would be content.

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The squad I go back to time and again is:


5 intercessors with auto bolt rifles

3 aggressors with ABG + FGL

2 inceptors with assault bolters


Not a cheap squad but majority T5 with 25 wounds it takes some putting down. They can throw out a ridiculous amount of dakka at 18", can advance and fire without penalty and can bail out of combat and still shoot.


Pair them with a captain or even better a watch master for rerolls, mission tactics and doctrines and it is an extremely potent squad.


If I want a cheaper squad I will run 5 intercessors with 1 aggressor and 1 inceptor.


Reivers have done very little for me, I hardly bother with them these days.


I usually keep hellblasters completely separate and teleport them in alongside my leviathan dreadnought and watchmaster to delete something





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I like to the 5 Intercessors with auto bolter rifles, a boltstorm Aggressor and an Inceptor with assault bolters. He adds to the dakka, but lets the unit fall back and shoot. Very useful, another T5 3W model and more shots. These guys will blow away chaff and have enough wounds to stick around. 


Like Xenomortis says, max the squad out with 5 Gravis guys and the whole unit becomes T5.

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