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Working on this list against drukari (1500 pts, post CA)

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Wolflord with jump pack (thunder hammer/storm shield, saga of wolfkin, armour of russ)
Battle leader with jump pack (powerfist/stormshield, wulfenstone)
5xGrey hunters (1xplasma gun, 1xplasma pistol, 1xpower fist)
5xGrey hunters (1xplasma gun, 1xplasma pistol, 1xpower fist)
5xIntercessors (5xstalker bolters)
1xRedemptor (dual gatling, storm bolters, icarus pod)
5xwulfen (4xhammers/shields, leader/claws)
3xEliminators (3xsnipers)
6xLongfangs (5xplasma cannons)
1xRhino (storm bolter)
1xStormfang (2xlascannons,2xtwin heavy bolters, helfrost destructor)
1500 on the nose!!!
Longfangs enter the gunship for turn 1 protection if i go second. In my turn they dissembark and move 3"+6" in a nearby ruin
( a base objective if possible)and get keen senses and wolf's eye for reroll wounds. Stalker intercessors capture another base objective and shoot 
from distance. Greyhunters enter the rhino (which advances and pops smoke) and along with the dreadnought, the gunship and the suppressors they move with the HQs for reroll
1s to hit and wound and also having the protection of the 6" heroic intervention and armour of russ debuff against potential chargers. Eliminators
infiltrate an objective in the middle (trying to also get reroll ones from the moving HQs). Wulfen either start on the board if my opponent
doesnt have lots of fire power or on the hunt if he does. Suppressors and rhino try to deny overwatch if possible.

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 You want to be careful you don't tailor your list too much if its a fun game. In matched play its wise to utilize a "take on all comers" list format. Most times you wont know what your opponent is bringing until he plops it on the table (unless your playgroup is fairly easygoing, in which case, disregard this). ;) 
With that in mind however, since you know what your opponent is bringing army-wise and the opponent most likely knows what you may or may not bring, so there is already an aspect of tailoring inherent already. 
  I would think about what in your list will serve as a good response to common units seen in an average Dark Eldar army. What traits do those units share with units from a different faction and what do you have that would aptly DESTR- *ahem*- be able to act as a counter.
Dark Eldar armies commonly feature:
- Raiders/Ravagers
- Venoms
- T3-4 units
- Grotesques/Talos (T6-7)
- Kabalite Warriors (far more common and than Wyches)
- Wracks as objective holders
- Characters (Archons/Succubus/Haemonculus) are integral to DA gameplay
You'll be dealing with a large variation in Toughness and quite possibly higher wound units as well as lots of high movement units that likely want to get to you or sit on objectives for as long as possible. This means a game against Dark Eldar is usually them sitting on the backfield/midfield holding objectives and keeping you back by getting in your face and contesting the objectives on your side of the field.
More AA would prevent Raiders/Ravagers/Venoms from making your day more difficult than it needs to be. 
See if you can fit a couple lascannons in (even having two is better than none and its something you don't need to risk dying for a D2 result), its worth dropping a guy. If not, I would swap out one for a heavy bolter so you can snag those juicy D3 mortals if need be.
Drop the plasma pistols on your Grey Hunters, they'll be wasted against Dark Eldar unless they have something running around with a 2+/3+ armor save somehow. Plus, it would give you more points for a lascannon. Finding ways to obscure yourself (use that Rhino as LoS blocker or as a potential counter-charge unit) will keep you alive against a potentially much more shooty army. Especially once your GH's are on objectives. Keep that Redemptor with these boys to keep your opponent's attention away from your TROOPS that can hold objective far better. It can be easy to forget TROOPS have priority especially with that hulking mass of firepower in front.
I would start the Long Fangs on the board (preferably in cover) and throw the Wulfen in the Gunship. This way you don't need to waste a CP for "On the Hunt" or run them up the board and can get a smaller than 9" charge. You want those suckers right in the midst of things as a massive-painful distraction ASAP. Your gunship can provide a good amount of AA firepower, but you don't want it to be your only source of high damage/high strength.
If your Eliminators see an Archon in the backline, Kill him. Especially if hes a Black Heart Warlord.
All food for thought, hope to hear a Battle Report or something! biggrin.png

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