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Acolyte squad question

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Kolgrim DeathHowl

Kolgrim DeathHowl


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Looking at my box of Delaques I'm thinking of converting some to my Inquisitors warband. Say's I can have 1 +5 additional in the group. Is that the way to go with 6 or do you guys do less in the group, multiple groups? I'm doing this with my DW army, not super worried about having it be meta want to have at least 1 group with my Inquisitor while I'm getting into learning how to play. Been in the hobby for many years just very new to actually playing the game.


Edit: I've got a handful of SB I can give them too if that's a good option, think I covered that a while back but this is more about the number in the group(s).

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It comes down to what you want them to do. If you're just wanting to add an inquisitor to the detachment, but gain a CP for the vanguard, then take three squads of 1 so that they can be protected by the Character keyword. If you want them to accomplish something meaningful, you're going to need numbers. Aside from the boost to quarry, they're basically guardsmen. I typically run 3x6 with storm bolters. 

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Indeed, taking single model units in a Vanguard detachment is cheap and cheerful and the character rule for them helps. Unfortunately Acolytes are a bit limited so as libris says keeping them cheap is best as they may struggle otherwise. Loading up on stormbolters is a common approach accordingly; keeps costs down but gives them some decent shooting utility :)

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Nicodemus Doloroso

Nicodemus Doloroso


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Can't add much to what's been said, although I haven't actually played any games with current =][= rules, on paper storm bolted seems to be the way to go (it's a unique option and mitigates their Guardsman stats for space marine price somewhat). Even if they're there mostly as bullet-catchers for the Inquisitor, storm bolters are cheaper enough that they don't break the bank while giving them more utility than merely a bullet-catcher.


I was thinking that plasma guns against the right quarry seems pretty cool. Re-roll hits would allow you to be a lot more aggressive with the overcharge setting.

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