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In pursuit of a better AP system

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Bloody Legionnaire

Bloody Legionnaire


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I was thinking about 8th edition and all the changes it has made to the shooting phase compared to previous editions. Generally, I’m pretty positive about most of the changes but there are some things I think can be improved.

I believe all the issues are glaringly obvious so I won’t highlight them all individually. For a fix though, what if the AP rules changed according to the target units armor value? For example, let’s look at the basic Bolter. For enemy units with armor saves of 4+ and lower, the Bolters AP is modified to -1. For saves of 3+ and better, the Bolters AP remains at 0.

The purpose is to demonstrate weaker armor’s inability to stop higher energy rounds. I know this is somewhat similar to the way weapons worked in previous editions.. I just think a more simplified approach would help keep things easy and understandable. Certain weapons should have more penetration against weaker armor values. The opposite can also be true for tougher armor in the way of reducing AP by 1 value. Armor saves of 2+ can reduce the AP of a weapon by 1..


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