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Sabotage Stratagem for Alpha Legion

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On an unrelated, more positive note... Sabotage is perhaps one of the bestest most awesomest stratagems ever. 


I've had a few games with our new rules so far, and have had a lot of fun with the tools we get. Headhunter is just so delightful, as is Scrambled Coordinates. But tonight, it a fun game with some mates, Sabotage got some work done. A ton of units were clustered around a wounded Rhino, and I delivered a crippling blow and it exploded. That, plus some wonderful D3 rolls for damage, and a ton of models just disappeared. It is literally the most satisfying command point I have ever spent. 


Also... for what it's worth... people just seem to be scared of Possessed, apparently. When you drop a squad of 10 of them onto the field, apparently that is a terrifying unit to behold, because the joint teammates I played against devoted a lot of shooting to take them down, despite the squad being -2 to hit (thanks Apostle!). So much fire was devoted to the squad. At the end of the day, they were blown off the table without being able to swing once. Lame, I know. But after two turns of concentrated shooting, they ate a ton of shots that other units didn't have to endure. 

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Daemon Prince Marbas

Daemon Prince Marbas


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Nice. If you want a really fun use of sabotage use it on a Knight Castellan.

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