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AL vs. Salamanders battle summary and pics

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Some photos from me getting my face smashed in by the new Salamanders! The doctrines and all the Stratagems are just too much, and I lost 30-17 in the end. 

My greatest mistake was opting for rapid fire range with my Chosen to kill the last Hammernators, which put them in the sights of 8 Intercessors. He immediately boosted them to Rapid Fire 2, used another Stratagem to have them count as not having moved, then fired at me with 32 S4 AP-2. 
My Warp Talons were once against utterly useless. I was forced to drop down my Sorcerer with Death Hex to try to clear the Hammernators, but I failed casting it and died. This lead to my Warp Talons now having to make 9" charges and rolling snake eyes. 
I don't see how we can beat them - I managed to beat Imperial Fists prior to their supplement, but I don't think that'll happen again. 




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But you looked good while doing it, that counts for something. :D
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