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What do you want to see in PA2?

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Iron Father Ferrum

Iron Father Ferrum


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So! Let's engage in a little threadomancy and some wild wishlisting!

PA2 is supposedly going to focus on Templars vs Chaos, with several Legion icons shown in the teaser - notably ours! Current rumor suggests we'll be receiving new relics, stratagems, and Warlord Traits. If you were designing them, what would you come up with that's fluffy and utilitarian?

The first that comes to mind for me would be our own version if Agents of Vect, because nothing says "spies & saboteurs" like telling your opponent he can't use a stratagem. A trait or relic for CP farming isn't out of place either, though I'd prefer if it let us steal CPs (bit that's probably too powerful). Other relic ideas I've had would be Venom Spheres (no overwatch against the bearer), replace a power sword with the Pale Spear (S+2 AP-4 Dd3), or some sort of relic bolter that functions similarly to a sniper rifle.

And for Alpharius' sake, give me back the ability to actually infiltrate something, even if it just Cultists or Chosen or whatever. I can make it work.
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I would be against stealing the opponent's CP for use yourself, but burning your own CP to take theirs away out of spite seems good, equivalent exchange. Maybe have it once a game strat  if AL get CP regen mechanics. 


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I would love the ability to make a custom Alpha Legion "Successor" Warband, à la what SMs and Eldar got. 


As far as wishlisting, I think a CP regeneration trait, a Vect-like Stratagem, a Banestrike (upgrade a bolter profile's AP by 1 or something) Stratagem, and maybe a Venom Spheres Stratagem would be cool. 


As mentioned, a Relic Bolter/Sniper would be cool too. 


Oh, and as RG got Infiltrate again, I'd love to see us get Forward Operatives again.

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Successors would be lovely, but all signs currently point to 'no' on those for now. But I agree - the -1 to hit has never felt quite right, so some options would be nice.

The return of forward operatives would be grand. That on its own would be a wonderful shot in the arm for our army. I love the idea of strategems for the Heresy Era tech. It would be a nice way to bring back some flavor.

I would love a strat that messes with enemy reserves. We play it, and the enemy has to roll for units like the old days, or they have to stay outside 12", or get nutty with it and we get to place the unit for them. Like the mishap table, but not as rough.

Or something in the lines of adaptive tactics. Play it on a unit and it gets rerolls against a certain dataslate, or the -1 to hit gets swapped for something.

A sniper strat. How I would love to have an AL sniper option. I mean, CSM getting to have ANY ability to snipe (outside of R&H) would be awesome, but if it has to be tied to one legion it should be ours.

Maybe something to make cultists useful again? No idea how to do that, but it'd be nice to bring them along and have them not feel like dead weight. But, really, I'd just rather have traitor guard anyway...

For warlord traits, some kind of cp regen will probably happen. But honestly, I don't know if I'd ever not pick I Am Alpharius. That trait is the absolute best. It blends fluff with an actual useful mechanic. Yeah, I'm sure other traits are better, but they're not as fun!

And if all they do is give us the relics from Traitor Legions I'll be super happy. I know we all miss the Mindveil.


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