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Deathshroud Terminators + Delivery

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Good Morning and a happy new year to everyone. 


So Death Shroud, I haven't really used them much before as they always tipped into a point bracket which I would have rather used elsewhere. However with a few more points off in CA2019 and all the marines currently floating about I have looked at them again. 


Being S5 with a +3 weapon you are nearly always wounding marnines on 2+ you also have a spell and Vets in the back pocket if you need it. 


So with hatefull assult a unit of 3 have 13 S8 attacks at -3 doing D3 damage. Thats some good damage output in my mind. 


I used them in a tournament over the Christmas break for thier first real outing and they performed well. I took Typhus to buff them which helped but Typhus was a liability over all so he is off the list. If he was S5 I would reconsider but thats for a different feed. 


3 Games, 3 deep strikes (turn 2), 1 suscessfull charge! This is the problem. To be fair they didn't die straight away as my opponents had other things to deal with and they couldn't get away so turn 3 I got the most out of them. They killed Ork HQ's, Marines and did a good amount of damage on a knight. 


One thing that really helped them was the Nugle Daemon Spell for -1T. I got that off against the knight so wounding on 3's before other spell's / strat. 


So since then I have been thinking of how I can get more out of them. 


Deep striking gives them a 50/50 chance with a re-roll of getting in. If they don't there is a high chance they will be come a libility / waste. 


This leads on to transport. Rhino is out which leaves us the classic Land Raider...... 277 points worth it? i'm not 100% sure. Although it does give some lascannon shots too. If it had DR then I would be all over it 


What have been your experiences with deathshoud and how can I improve my game with them? 

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