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Improved user-control over threads

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Two things.


  • User locking/opening; It'd be helpful if a user could open / lock their own thread as an example (unless a moderator / admin has done it, to prevent the user opening a thread that's gone to pot). Gives the user greater control over say, a work-in-progress thread, or god forbid if they run an art / commission interest thing and need to control the flow.
  • Blacklisting; giving users the ability to blacklist other users (via blocking, I presume) from posting on their threads is... a controversial suggestion, but I can imagine there are plenty of users who'd rather not see individual x making snide remarks on a thread / derailing the conversation. It reduces the chances of a thread being locked as well.

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This is not viable with the current software, maybe it'll be something that can be looked at to a degree with the update. I'm not sure if opening and locking of a topic is needed though, as the point is to discuss things - if you don't want to discuss something seems odd to bring it up to me. Locking topics is more of a rules thing and it would be best to keep it this way lest anyone get the wrong idea.


I don't think it's a big issue anyway; if there are any requirements for a topic the mod team are only a Report away thumbsup.gif

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