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Green Stuff World force Vallejo Colorshift reviews off YT

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Reclusiarch Krieg

Reclusiarch Krieg


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Sword'n'Steele, a YouTube painter, has recently reviewed the new Vallejo Colorshift paint [ https://acrylicosval.../en/colorshift/]. These paints are similar in nature to the product GSW have release about a year ago. "Colorshift" is a universal term for the optical properties of such paint, as used in car industry, for example.

GSW claim that they own the term "colorshift" and that Vallejo is "aware of it" and that Vallejo agreed to call their paint "the Shifters" instead. Can't tell how true is that, but the existing Vallejo label says "colorshift". In the meantime, GSW have issued copyright strikes against small YouTubers who have reviewed and showed off the Vallejo product, causing a removal of those videos and a severe black mark for those reviewers according to YouTube rules (after 2-3 strikes your channel may be indefinitely suspended or completely deleted).

This is an extremely poor decision by Green Stuff World and a very anticonsumer move. Their spat with Vallejo about the trademark is something they should handle on their own. Lashing out against hobbyists in this fashion is in poor taste and their reply quoted in Sword'n'Steele's video is dismissive and the audacity in asking her to review THEIR stuff instead of Vallejo's is stunning.

At the very least, GSW have removed the copyright strike against her channel in the last few hours, but this should have been handled by backstage contact with her first and a strike only if she disregarded them and they had no other choice. Very poor PR.

EDIT: There are some comments (IANAL, so I can't tell how correct are they) that the copyright strike was fraudulent on its own, because "trademarks are not covered by the copyright infringement clauses on YouTube". It's not like she was reviewing counterfeit GSW paint.

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Magos Takatus

Magos Takatus


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This is a sad situation. I've bought a lot of products off GSW and only had good things to say about them. It's a shame that good experience is marred with a stupid decision like this. Hopefully they won't go bullying youtubers again, it's not giving them good PR by any means.

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GSW, much like 4Ground, have been swiftly acquiring a poor reputation in-industry for their hostile behaviour and poor business practices. This shouldn't come as a surprise for anyone that's clued in.





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Just change the name to colourshift. Job done.

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Rik Lightstar

Rik Lightstar


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GSW posted a full retraction and apology for the Sword'n'Steele incident already (New Years Day in fact), on Facebook.


Worth having both "sides" to this story in here.


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They're taking some beating on this across social media. Don't know how they thought they could try to claim ownership too. Those type of paints have been around and in use for a while now. I thought you would've needed serious copyright and/or patent backing to assert these things no? The term is incredibly generic.


Going after people who are just reviewing other brands is an horrendous decision by whoever made it.


From twitter: It's ironic that the entire company is named after a material that others with serious clout (i.e. GW) could legitimately enforce a claim on. 


Edit: @Rik 'both sides' rolleyesclean.gif . They underhandedly tried to censor neutral reviewers and damage their outputs, and fell flat on their face. It'd be like Coca cola coming after you because you gave pepsi a good review.

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=][=  As this "news" is not 40k related it does not fall under the purview of the BnC. This topic is now closed.  =][=

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