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2 quick battle report

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Greetings to all under papa Nurgle’s hugging range. I have two quick reports from small games as I only use what I have built (and usually painted but I got antsy)

I only have about 560 pts but plan on expanding greatly before the end of the month.

Lord of Contagion (holy heck does this guy not die and kills bunches.... when he makes his charge)
Plague Caster

5 plague marines with 2 blight launchers

Blight hauler (love him but I need 2 more)

And Felthius’ Corhort (great suicide squad)

Against world eaters (kinda shooty variant) and necrons.

Once the leaders of both were taken out the rest kinda crumbled. Lord with relic plate and plaguereaper is insanity and the rest is not even at full strength and performing well. I can’t wait to boost up my units and really take a hit and punch back.

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