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How to properly use a Chaplain (post PA4)

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Im to use my DA tonight for the first time since PA4 dropped with a big emphasis on my debuting Chaplain! (he's been ready so long but never had a reason to field him)


Will be debuting my Aggressors to move and then Fire Strom at 21".

Taking a 5 man unit of Hellblasters as well so they're Rapid Firing at 21". Re-roll 1's to hit to mitigate any overcharge.

Finally, a 10 man intercessor unit with bolt Rifles as a screen but also to use the Rapid Fire strategem at 36".

Angels Ambit to increase the aura to 9" so im not as condensed.


Should hopefully wreck face!

Really excited to finally have Litanies but more than that, that I have a unique Litany that should slot into my plans really nicely. 





Defo gonna roll 1-2 on my Litany roll. I can just feel it!

So my game did not go as planned.

I thrrew as much from PA4 into my list just to see what stuck.


However, using Stoic Prosection on Hellblasters and Aggressors certainly paid dividence.

Most definately a viable castle.


Going forward though i will be stripping back ALOT of the PA4 stuff as being unneccassary for my list.

I will also be adding Azreal to the castle for added protection.

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Grand Master Raziel

Grand Master Raziel


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Recitation of Focus

Unit get +1 To Hit with shooting.

Sounds meh at first glance but given our vehicles should get Grim Resolve and that a squadron of Fast Assault is considered a single unit there is some combos : S10 AP-4 DmgD6 Vindicator hitting on 2+ rerolling the 1 ? Yes please. Land Speeder Squadron (remember the +1AP from Devastator Doctrine) hitting on 3+ after moving ? Ok thanks. 5 Black Knights Jinking but still hitting on 3+ with Weapons of the Dark Age ? I'll take that. Some of these means your Chaplain has to be on a bike but hey that's still a possibility as for today.


My thought on that is one accomplishes the same thing by giving a Talonmaster the Corvus Oculus. That negates the moving and shooting penalties for any unit within 6" and gives the Talonmaster 36" range assault cannons and 48" range heavy bolters while in Devastator Doctrine. He can hang back to support a squadron of Typhoons and still be able to reach out and touch things with his guns.


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