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Fluffyish Seawolfs list

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I am looking at building a fluffy but still hopefully semi competitive seawolfs army. The idea is to be highly mobile and fit in with the lore

++ Reinforcements (Imperium - Inquisition) [6 PL, 100pts] ++

+ HQ +

Inquisitor-Lord Hector Rex [6 PL, 100pts]: 1) Terrify, 3) Dominate

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) [62 PL, -1CP, 1,044pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Trophies of Fenris [-1CP]: Trophies of Fenris - 1 Extra Relic

+ HQ +

Rune Priest in Phobos Armour [5 PL, 101pts]: 2. Princeps of Deceit, 3) Temporal Corridor, Camo cloak, Runic sword, Warlord

Wolf Guard Battle Leader [5 PL, 128pts]: Jump Pack, Storm shield, Thunder hammer

Wolf Priest [6 PL, 95pts]: Jump Pack, Plasma pistol, The Armour of Russ

+ Troops +

Grey Hunters [4 PL, 60pts]: 4x Chainsword
. Grey Hunter Pack Leader
. 4x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol

Grey Hunters [4 PL, 60pts]
. Grey Hunter Pack Leader
. 4x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol

Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 103pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Stalker Bolt Rifle
. 5x Intercessor
. Intercessor Pack Leader

+ Heavy Support +

Long Fangs [8 PL, 150pts]
. Long Fang: Missile launcher
. Long Fang: Missile launcher
. Long Fang: Missile launcher
. Long Fang: Lascannon
. Long Fang Pack Leader
. . Boltgun and Bolt Pistol

+ Flyer +

Stormwolf [16 PL, 274pts]: Twin helfrost cannon
. Two Lascannons: 2x Lascannon
. Two Twin Heavy Bolters: 2x Twin heavy bolter

+ Dedicated Transport +

Rhino [4 PL, 73pts]: Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) [30 PL, 497pts] ++

+ HQ +

Rune Priest [6 PL, 90pts]: Bolt pistol, Runic axe

+ Elites +

Reivers [5 PL, 90pts]: Grapnel Launcher
. 4x Reiver
. Reiver Pack Leader

Wulfen [11 PL, 193pts]: Stormfrag auto-launcher
. Great frost axe
. 3x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 3x Storm Shield, 3x Thunder Hammer
. 4x Wulfen
. Wulfen Pack Leader: Frost claws

Wulfen Dreadnought [8 PL, 124pts]
. Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield: Fenrisian great axe
. . Blizzard Shield: Heavy flamer

++ Outrider Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) [25 PL, 359pts] ++

+ HQ +

Wolf Lord on Bike [7 PL, 105pts]: Frost sword, Storm shield, The Wulfen Stone
. Bike: Twin boltgun

+ Fast Attack +

Cyberwolves [1 PL, 15pts]: Cyberwolf

Inceptor Squad [10 PL, 123pts]: Assault Bolter, 2x Inceptor, Inceptor Sergeant

Swiftclaws [7 PL, 116pts]
. Swiftclaw: Bolt pistol
. . Bike: Twin boltgun
. Swiftclaw: Bolt pistol
. . Bike: Twin boltgun
. Swiftclaw Pack Leader: Bolt pistol
. . Bike: Twin boltgun
. Wolf Guard Bike Leader: Plasma pistol, Storm shield
. . Bike: Twin boltgun

++ Total: [123 PL, -1CP, 2,000pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe

One GH goes in the rhino and move up screening the dred. One GH goes in the stormwolf.
The intercessors, long fangs and rune priest are back field holders.

The Reivers and inquisitor are there to try ans stop over watch.

The wulfen can go in the stormwolf or on the hunt.




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Consider swapping Swiftclaws into Wolf Guard on bikes? There isn't a whole lot of lore regarding Engir's company so I think theres a bit of leeway in assuming his personal guard most likely had bikes too. Swiftclaws just aren't a great unit overall and tend to be outperformed by Skyclaws and even Bloodclaws. With the recent point changes, this may be different, but they overall aren't used in any competitive setting (mind you neither are most of the other units I listed). Food for thought.

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