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Bringing Horus Heresy Models to 40k (Homebrew Rules)

Homebrew Rules Horus Heresy 8th Edition

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Brother Casman

Brother Casman


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Hi all, just in case you missed my post in the Legion Bombard topic, I'm issuing a challenge to hobbyists to help create rules for Heresy Era units that don't currently have rules in 40k.

The end goal is to create a usable rule set for cool models, that will hopefully be acceptable for your groups to try out.

Come on down and join the discussion!
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Overwhelming Odds

Overwhelming Odds


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I am in.  But not in the creation of rules.  I will help test rules out.  I happen to have played numerous games of 40K with 30K Mechanicum units.  The idea actually came from Bolter & Chainsword, over a year ago.  I have a complete Mechanicum army and got so tired of waiting on GW to make rules for them.  In my research I came across this forum topic:




I can personally testify that these rules are very balanced and reasonable.  Not overpowered and very well executed along the lines of theme and staying parallel to 40K Adeptus Mechanicus


I will be doing a battle report with them in two weeks.  They are my 2nd favorite army.  Hopes this helps out a lot of the 30K Mechanicum players!





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