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Size of the Area of engagement

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With the first version of Aeronautica, Forgeworld was selling large pieces of terrain and it seemed to me that the game was supposed to be played on an usual 4'x6' map. I may be wrong. However, after having played a few missions on the cardboard map, I'm a bit frustrated by the size of the area of engagement. For me, the 2'x2' board is missing room for manoeuvre, pursuit, and strategical decision. However, because the game needs hexes, I can't test the game without investing first.


So I would be intrested if you have any experience on bigger maps, either on this version of the first version of Aeronautica. How does it play, what would you change, does it work ... ?

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I'm speaking purely academically here, but 2' by 2' engagement area is unlikely to work for more than a 2 vs. 2 fight.

There's likely a board size beyond which playing orks becomes untenable, given their short-range focus and lack of consistent ability to force a merge.

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