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Advance and Flyers

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Hey everyone.

So, I got into a discussion with a friend, regarding flyers and movement.

It says in the profile of this particular flyer that it has a Movement of 20"-40", and it's movement increases 20" when it advances.

One reading of this has been that, the model MUST move 20" minimum, and of it advances, it MUST move 20" more, for a minimum of 40". In essence, it becomes a Movement of 40"-60", from a Movement of 20"-40".

Another reading of this has been that, the model MUST move 20" as a minimum distance, but that then can move as much as it wants, from 0" to 40", as an addition. That is, Movement becomes 20"-60", fron an original 20"-40".

Which is correct?

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Due to the wording of the rules, outside an official FAQ ruling one cannot be absolutely sure which is correct.

However as most units move characteristic is their "maximum move distance" and an advance would add to that maximum move distance, I think it would be fair to assume that flyers would work the same.

Thusly, the move characteristic of the flyer in your example would become 20-60" on an advance.

In other words, an advance is an optional additional move of up to X", not a mandatory additional move of X". However once declared, the downsides of performing an advance (re. Shooting and Charging) are mandatory.

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Hmm this is a decent question.


Rules as intended you move and then move up to 20" further as an advance.


The issue being that the datsheet doesnt mention which move distance is changed.


I would suggest that because it doesnt specifiy which movement figure changes (minimum OR maximum), they both change.


Movement  - 20" - 40"

After changes to profile due to advance move:

Movement - 40" - 60"




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Rules as intended you move and then move up to 20" further as an advance.


That's not how advancing works this edition. You roll the advance, add it to the units movement characteristic for the turn and then move the unit only that one time.


Claws and Effect

Claws and Effect


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The issue being that the datsheet doesnt mention which move distance is changed.

It doesn't have to, based on how Advance works.

You declare that unit X is advancing and roll the dice. Then you add what you rolled to that units movement stat for the duration of the movement phase.

Based on that interaction I would say an Advancing Flyer adds to it's maximum movement but the minimum remains the same.

The only time I can see that really being useful is when the Flyer is on its bottom bracket and moving slower.




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Q: The rules for Advancing state that you roll a dice and add the result to the Move characteristic of the models in the unit ‘for that Movement phase’. If, for whatever reason, I am able to Advance and then move normally with a unit in the same Movement phase, does the number I added to the unit’s Move characteristic when it Advanced still apply when I make the normal move with the unit? For example, I have a unit whose Move characteristic is 6". It Advances, and I roll a 6, adding that to its Move characteristic to make 12". If it moves again in the same phase, its Move characteristic is still 12", so can it move up to 12" when making this move?

A: Yes. Note that a unit cannot Advance more than once in the same Movement phase, so the Move characteristic of a unit can only be modified once in this manner.


Q: If a unit with a minimum Move characteristic is affected by an ability which changes its Move characteristic, do I change both its minimum and maximum Move characteristics?

A: Yes. For example, an undamaged Hemlock Wraithfighter has a Move characteristic of 20"-60". If it was affected by the Doombolt psychic power, in the following Movement phase, it’s Move characteristic would be 10"-30".


from the main rulebook FAQ


with these questions as a precidence I would argue that yes you say you are advancing so modifiy the move stat... the 2nd question then tells us if you modify 1 part of the stat then you modify both parts...


so an advancing flying moves 40"-60"

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Dyspraxic & Dyslexic  - So I might not write/explain what I think I have as clearly as intended to.... 


I'm confussed... what side of the fence am I on???



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