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BA - Competitive - 2k.

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Looking at the following for playtesting...


Chaplain Dread - TLLC, CCW


Priest - JP (Probably reroll charge relic)

Smash Cap



1x5 Scouts

3x5 Incursors

2x5 Stalker Intercessors


8x VanVets - 4Fist, 8Shield

8x Sang Guard - 6 Fist

5x Reivers - grapple

5x Reivers - chutes

1x Sang Ancient (banner)


1x Suppressors

1x Contemptor Mortis - TLLC



(14 CP, but a min 4 CP burn to start with Relics and Black Rage)

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I still don't understand the love for the chaplain dread. Can anyone explain this? Haha.
Reavers is very interesting!

Whats the plan?


The Unseen

The Unseen


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It's a twin lascannon that hits on a 2+ base on a t7 8 wound 5++ character that also hits like a truck in melee?
It's all around just an effective unit.

as far as the list, I like it, but your probably too invested in melee
Your going to struggle vs both traditional gunlines and other full melee armies because you can't shoot the choppy ones, and you don't have a lot of screen clearing power other than assaulting them

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