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Of Librarians and Chaplains

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Which group holds a higher rank among the Sons of the Lion, Interrogator chaplains or Librarians?

Space Marines: The Few, the Proud, The Usually Out Numbered...

Dark Angels 7th Reserve Company

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Either or, I’d say in lore they’re mostly equal, with Librarians assisting the Interrogators in interrogations with the fallen as well as keeping all the records of such, and the chaplains obviously having the ultimate duty to extract repentance. Different chains of command.

That said, Ezekiel appears to be privy to more secrets than Sapphon and Azmodai, including the Recusiarch’s own secret libraries, and holds the trust of Azrael like no one else, so perhaps he unofficially and informally outranks everyone else?

When it comes to meetings of the inner circle across the Dark Angels companies and successor Chapters, however, the various Masters and Grand Masters seem to be the ones present and vary rarely chaplains and librarians outside the three named above. It’s complicated

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