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The Humble Pyrovore- Burny Bug Appreciation Thread

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Evil Eye

Evil Eye


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The Pyrovore spent a long, long time as a complete and total joke, so utterly worthless was he that there was not a single game, no matter how relaxed or narrative driven, that had a place for him.


Now, however, whilst he's not exactly top-tier, he's actually useable, and at 25 points each (unless I'm reading things wrong) is extremely reasonably priced. He could make for an excellent cheap melee deterrent for more fragile backline units, as if he does die he's liable to take his killer with him in a shower of flaming acid.


So anyway, has anyone gotten use out of him? I kinda want to convert a few up (the existing model is cool but I have a different look in mind as IMO it looks too much like an artillery piece and not enough like a mobile flamethrower) but before I get hacking I'd love to know other people's opinions on Mr. Toasty.



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