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Loyalist Herald and other WS boosts

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I ask here cause this discussion came up with another fellow player.


Its clear that the Herald boosts the WS +1 with a max of WS 5.

But what if other boosts come up that dont have a maximum?


The question was about Spacce Wolves Legion rule but aplies to IF Phalanx Warders too.

Space Wolves get another +1 bost when they charge in the assault phase and Phalanx Warders when they get charged.


In the bubble of the Herald both start with WS 5 in the assault phase but then get another boost to their WS.

So do they fight with WS 6 or does the max WS 5 of the Herald rules apply?


The Herald rules dont rule out other WS boosts. 

It sounds a bit gamy but it only comes up under specific circumstances.




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WS5 it is because it's bonus only apply when the WS is lower then 5.
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