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LVO: Warhammer Previews Thursday night 23/1

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On the wings, as I said when the Archaeopter was revealed various aerospace companies and r&d organisations are trying to get wings that work more like animals wings onto planes and drones. So such may well be on the next generation of aircraft.

While I have concerns about the fragility of these models in an already fragile range I’m super-keen on adding all those models to my Mechanicus.
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Internet + geekdom + belief that your view must be the only one listened too = forum behaviour.


aka the Greater Internet censored.gifwad Theory, courtesy of your friends at Penny Arcade - back in 2004. whistling.gifbiggrin.png

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Put the toys on the table and throw the dice. Everything else is just noise.


...Unless you're just in this for the modeling. In which case, show your work. Yours likely looks better than mine, anyway.




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Mars is Dune except instead of sand worms they have rogue mining servitors the size buildings? The STCs must flow!

More seriously, ornithopters are a decent staple of 1960s and 1970s sci-fi.
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I seem to be in the minority here, but I’m not a fan of the new AdMech units. They’re too ‘steampunk’ in my eyes, which isn’t something I associate with the Mechanicum.
For me, the AdMech were about function over form. They weren’t about making designs pretty, they just had to do their job. When you hear about their Ark’s, they’re cubes with engines because they have no desire to make their ships pretty like the rest of the Imperium. The Dunecrawler is a box on legs, again it’s designed to do a function rather than imitate a creature.
So the new jump unit, why do they have wings instead of already existing jump packs? I haven’t seen the tears of the models in details, but I’m guessing there’s a jump pack embedded in there somewhere, so the wings are probably decorative. As for the horses / dogs well there’s already a fast AdMech unit with long legs that is ridden - but it didn’t feel the need to model it after a creature.

They’re all cracking models, don’t think I’m saying that they aren’t. It’s just in my eyes I think they’ve missed the AdMech style, that’s all.

There is very simple reason for these dogs look much more like dogs than crawlers are crabs and ironstriders are dinos/birds: latter are vehicles, machines, and former are actual dogs. They are servitors made out of living dog. Just compare them to kataphrons or BSF servitor, they all have same black rubber stuff covering meat, same roundish covering plates with distinctive borders and ports.


Also, both winged sicarians and archeopter have wings for actual purpose - save fuel/energy while gliding over dusty wastelands of distant uninhabited planets in search or on patrol. And use actual jump jets and engines to actual maneuring in combat.


So actually while some people whine about these models not matching AdMech line and have more cosmetics than purpose, these release is pure example of continuity in details and imaginative purposeful thinking from in-setting people (magos in this case) point of view.

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...my only complaint about the AdMech models is I want them, and since I liberated a small bought super awesomely painted admech force online I have no clue how to match the colors or look of the ones I have!  Let alone the quality!

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=][= That's all we're most likely getting this week folks so there's little point in continuing the discussion here as opposed to taking it to the appropriate subfora and having more in-depth conversations there with people who are actually invested in the concerned sub-factions. We can come back to these units here in NR&BA once we get more concrete information about their rules, kit options, and/or release dates.


For now though, this thread is closed. =][=



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You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows.

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