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Fighting tau competitively with Chaos

Thousandsons Emperorschildren Competitive Tau

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  • Faction: Thousand Sons
Hey guys, I need the hive minds help. I’m fighting tau. The player is HIGHLY competitive. It’s 2000 pts and I’m fairly certain there will
Be a yvarra and possibly 2-3 riptides with god knows how many shield drones.

I was thinking of souping:

Perhaps a cult of duplicity thousand sons detachment and field 20 risen rubrics in the midfield to double dakka with VotLW and hopefully wipe out those drones?
30 tzaangors to either dmc or deepstrike.
Ahriman and dp for HQ + shaman.

Then a batallion of emperors children to give access to: guaranteed charge warp talons supported by thunder hammer jump lord with reroll everything relic and jump sorc (maybe use combat elixir for more attacks)
Deepstriking oblits
backfield autocannon havocs supported by dark apostle.

Well? I have a ridonkulously huge chaos collection so I can change my army to whatever as long as it’s chaos and not nurgle (euwww).

What say you?


Black Blow Fly

Black Blow Fly


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Knights with dual thermal cannons plus kSon SCD... give them some of the good old shake n bake... they will never know what hit them.
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Are Verlo

Are Verlo


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Alpha legion disco lord with stacking - to hit, oblits and conceal and as you suggested mix in EC for no OW on a characters and warp talons (when they arrive). Use the 6" strat and host raptorial.

Note; I am not saying «this will stomp/pawn/crush tau!!", these are tools that are good vs Tau and it is up to the player to use the tools right.




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You could also look into DG with FW dreads, that kind of force is pretty strong as well.

My Iron Warriors Project   Guns for the guns god!, Bullets for the Brass throne!

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