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Cadian 1K tournament list

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Brother Castle

Brother Castle


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My local store is running a 1K match play tournament in march using the mission out of CA 2019.


for this i thinking of running;


Company Commander
Boltgun, Chainsword, Old Grudges, Warlord
Lord Commissar
Bolt pistol, Power sword
6 x Infantry Squad 
8x Guardsman
Guardsman W/ Special Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Sergeant: Boltgun
2 x Leman Russ Battle Tanks
Battle Cannon, Heavy Bolters, Lascannon
Spearhead Detachment 
Company Commander Boltgun, Chainsword
2 x Heavy Weapons Squad 
2 x Wyverns
Total: 997pts
I'm restricted to the rule of 2 for all data sheets.
the intention is that the spearhead company commander will take the emperors wrath detachment and the relic to help out the wyverns, and focus on infantry while my infantry screen and control objectives, the Russ with old grudges to deal with anything big and enemy Armour.


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At 1k, this is a good army. Hope it goes well.

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