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New Special Rule: Timber Sour

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While sounding more like something your pilots would order back at the squadron bar, 'Timber Sour' is a brevity term used to indicate problems with a particular data link network. This limits the amount of situational awareness combat aircraft can receive from sensors on other platforms. (Think AWACS.)

In game terms:

Off board sensors are unavailable to one (or both) sides. If both sides are affected, neither attacker or defender deploys aircraft as normal for mission set-up. Instead, place 'contact markers' where those aircraft would be. (Simply placing the bases would suffice, as altitude and speed are still known.)

Contact markers move, shoot, and otherwise behave as the aircraft they stand in for. Contact markers may be attacked as normal for the aircraft they represent, unless mission Rules of Engagement* dictate otherwise.

Once a contact marker reaches medium range inside a valid firing arc, it is replaced by the appropriate model. For Scout aircraft increase this to long range. Unless specified in a scenario, once a contact marker is replaced, that aircraft remains 'identified' for the remainder of the game.

*While some forces in the 41st Millennium are tolerant of friendly fire, many are not. Some scenarios may limit opportunities for ground defenses and aircraft to fire until certain parameters are met.

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