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World Eaters KT: List critique, advice

khorne killteam

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I'm pretty new to kill team, been looking at various factions and how I would build lists for them. I'm mostly into it for the hobby aspect but I would quite like if my lists didn't completely suck :)


I was looking into heretic astartes and see it as a good excuse to kitbash some berserkers with blood warriors. (I have a pack of the old easy to build blood warriors for just such an occasion).


I was thinking of the following list 


++ Kill Team List (Heretic Astartes) [99pts] ++
+ Leader +
Chaos Cultist Champion [5pts]: Autogun, Khorne. Leader
+ Specialists +
Berserker Champion [19pts]: Power axe, World Eaters. Combat
Chaos Space Marine Gunner [16pts]: Khorne, Plasma gun, World Eaters. Sniper
Khorne Berserker [17pts]: Chainaxe, Chainsword, World Eaters. Veteran
+ Non-specialists +
Chaos Cultist [4pts]: Autogun, Khorne
Chaos Space Marine Gunner [16pts]: Autocannon, Khorne, World Eaters
Khorne Berserker [22pts]: Chainaxe, Chainsword, Icon of Wrath, World Eaters
++ Total: [99pts] ++
(might have to replace the autocannon with a heavy bolter if I can't source the part somewhat affordably, not buying a start collecting box for it).
I have a few questions:
1) General advice on improvements?
2) What to do with the extra point? Leaning towards upgrading the nonspecialist cultist to a heavy stubber gunner.
3) What about extended roster. Aside from 'build one csm gunner of every heavy weapon' and '4 extra autogun cultists to replace one marine' I don't have a lot of ideas.
4) Not sure about the Veteran specialism. I see a lot of people running zealot but the turn 1 charge potential of veteran seems so good. Or maybe do both and have the plasma gunner live dangerously as a non-sniper? Any opinions?
I understand its not the fluffiest list with gunners in it for world eaters but I'd like to restrict myself to the blood warriors I have for now. 




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Looks like a solid list to me! From what I understand, if you have a plasma marine, Sniper is invaluable, so I wouldn't change that.

Maybe re the AC, check Ebay, etc? I know some sellers break the shadowspear box down and sell as units/individuals?

As to fluff, it's fine, just older which is cool anyway! Search 'Teeth of Khorne' and you'll see!

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