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Building from 500 into 2k of DC, escalation league

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Hello all, I've got a casual escalation league coming up at my FLGS, last time I played a speedwaaagh, this time I'm getting back to my roots. I usually lean into primaris marines and sanguinary guard with a more defensive play style but this time I'm using as much Death Company as possible. I've played a handful of games at 500 to see how it goes and played a 2k vs orks yesterday.


500 has been this: 






Death Company: x5 chainsword/boltgun, x1 power axe/boltgun, x2 powerfist/boltgun, jump packs.


Death Company: x4 chainsword/boltgun, x1 fist/boltgun.


Death Company: x4 chainsword/boltgun, x1 fist/boltgun.


Drop pod: stormbolter.


500 exactly.


I ran a regular jump chaplain for the Angel's Wing, but after looking at Lemartes' datasheet again I think he's too good to pass up. The strat is pretty straightforward, Lem and the jumpers move up the field, the pod carries the two 5man squads. At 500 I've found it well worth spending my 4 CP on Forlorn Fury for the 8man and Upon Wings of Fire for Lem to just get right in there.



My 2k looked like this:




Captain: hammer, shield, Angel's Wing, warlord


The Sanguinor


3x5 bolter scouts







Death Company: x13 chainsword/bolter, x2 hammer, jump packs.


Death Company: x8 chainsword/bolter, x2 fist/bolter (in drop pod)


Death Company: x9 chainsword/bolter, x3 fist/bolter (in stormraven)


Stormraven: twin heavy plasma, hurricane bolters, typhoon missle launcher


Drop Pod: stormbolter







Death Company Dreadnought: talons, stormbolter, heavy flamer (in stormraven)


Death Company Dreadnought: talons, stormbolter, heavy flamer


Sanguinary Ancient: sword, Veritas Vitae



2000 exactly. One note in particular, Refusal to Die and Duty Eternal allowed my DC dread to survive 11 attacks from a Bonebreaker's charge and kill it with the return swings. I want to try the Wrath of Baal on the ancient but regaining CPs is always good. Much of the same strategy. cpt smash, the ancient, and the sanguinor went into deep strike. I don't expect to do particularly well over all but it has been a lot of fun to play something so much more aggressive than I normally do.





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Try swapping one of the DeathCo dreads for a chaplain. Give him an assault cannon and storm bolter since he has 2+ bs. He has an invulnerable save, fnp and +1 str aura that stacks with Priest +1 str
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