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Rip and Tear: Flesh Tearers 2000 Pts

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So I’m stepping back into 40K and into 8th Edition for the first time. I’ve always loved the Blood Angels, just never picked them up as I was preoccupied with my Space Wolves in past editions and then the Space Wolves and Night Lords in 30K. While I may still roll with the Blood Angels, I find myself drawn to the fatalistic heroism and savagery of the Flesh Tearers. I thought I’d put a list together and see what you guys saw that I may have missed.

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [1,557pts, 7CP]
**CHAPTER: Flesh Tearers**
Battle-forged CP [3CP]
Detachment CP [5CP]


Captain [143pts, -1CP] - Warlord
Warlord Trait: Cretacian Born
Death Visions of Sanguinius
Jump Pack
Master-Crafted Weapon
Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer

Chaplain [99pts]
Mantra of Strength & Litanies of Hate
Jump Pack
Inferno Pistol


Intercessor Squad [95pts]
4x Intercessors
Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
Stalker Bolt Rifles
Intercessor Sergeant: Power Fist

Scout Squad [75pts]
4x Scouts: Combat Knives
Camo Cloaks
Scout Sergeant
Selections: Shotgun, Camo Cloak, Power Axe

Tactical Squad [95pts]
3x Space Marines
1x Space Marine: Heavy Flamer
Space Marine Sergeant: Plasma Pistol, Thunder Hammer


Death Company [230pts]
Jump PackS
4x Death Company Marines: Thunder Hammers
1x Death Company Marine: Bolt Pistol, Power Sword
4x Death Company Marines: Bolt Pistols and Chainswords

Sanguinary Ancient [64pts]
Selections: Angelus Boltgum, Power Fist

Sanguinary Guard [116pts]
4x Sanguinary Guards: Angelus Boltguns, Power Fists


Rapier Carrier [85pts]
2x Space Marine Gunners
Rapier Carrier: Quad Launcher

Relic Leviathan Dreadnought [315pts]
2x Heavy Flamers
3x Hunter-Killer Missiles
Storm Cannon Array
Leviathan Siege Drill


Xiphon Interceptor [240pts]
2x Twin Lascannons
Xiphon Missile Battery

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [443pts, 4CP]
**CHAPTER: Flesh Tearers**
Detachment CP [5CP]


Captain [111pts, -1CP] - Hero of the Chapter
Warlord Trait: Merciless Butcher
Jump Pack
Relic blade
Inferno Pistol

Librarian [127pts] - Unleash Rage, Shield of Sanguinius
Jump Pack
Force Axe
Inferno Pistol


Scout Squad [55pts]
4x Scouts: Boltguns
Scout Sergeant: Boltgun, Chainsword

Scout Squad [4 PL, 55pts]
4x Scouts
Selections: Boltguns
Scout Sergeant
Selections: Boltgun, Chainsword

Tactical Squad [95pts]
3x Space Marines
1x Space Marine: Heavy Flamer
Space Marine Sergeant: Plasma Pistol, Thunder Hammer

As far as my strategy goes, it’s not especially complicated. Cretacian Born Captain and Chaplain go with the Death Company and move up one flank. Merciless Butcher Captain and the Librarian go with the Sanguinary Guard and move up the other flank. Troops move forward and grab objectives. Leviathan moves up the middle, providing cover fire for the troops and punching to death anything tough that tries to challenge the board’s center. Rapier launcher blasts away, and the Xiphon handles enemy fliers and anything too fast for the jump packs to head off. Thanks for looking!

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"I have no taste for easy meat. Our legion is overrun with jackals, content to hunt the weak and the defenseless. We are a different breed. We are lions. Let our prey be only those worthy of such a predator."
- Captain Etrigan Martikhor, "the Dreaded," VIIIth Legion, 3rd Company

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