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Metal Broodlord as a Patriarch?

Genestealer Cults Tyranids Patriarch Broodlord

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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Okay, so. I own a metal Broodlord, got it gifted to me from a friend after I started my 'Nids Kill Team. The idea is, I could run him as a Genestealer Patriarch. He's the more humanoid style of Broodlord, before the Broodlord and Patriarch were the same thing but based off of different styles of Genestealer (the current Patriarch being based off of the older style of Genestealer, like you see in Space Crusade, and the current Broodlord being based off of the current style of Genestealer, like you see in Lost Patrol and the current plastic kit). However, I feel that since both GSC and 'Nids players kinda treat the two sculpts as the same at times for the purposes of correct WYSIWYG, and run them for model variety, choosing the sculpt they prefer, I feel the question comes up of whether the metal Broodlord is also an acceptable Patriarch.

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Do you mean the one with feet apart, arms outstretched, looking up to the sky?

I've used him as both patriarch and broodlord at different times with my Cult. I only play against a small group of friends, but no complaints so far.

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I think, speaking generally of course, the only places you run into issues with proxies are at tournaments and in the instance you have non-GW proxies in a GW store.

Would be interested to see a pic of the model you've found yourself with for reference just for curiosity's sake. Those old GSC and Tyranid models are treasures in their own right.

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