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Basing material for terrain

basing terrain mdf acrylic plasticard plywood

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Hello Brothers.

I've been planning on starting some terrain projects for a table. I have some GW kits, sector mechanicus, sector imperialis and STC-ryza ruins kit. Ive been thinking of starting with the ryza ruins as a smaller kit test things out and make my mistakes on before moving onto the larger kits i have.

I'm planning on gluing the kits in a sort of ruined building formation instead of as scatter terrain, but I'm hemming and haw'ing over what to use. I don't have anything on hand so i would have to got get something specifically for this project.

So far the options i have been considering are as follows.\


1. 3mm MDF - I like the rigidity of MDF, but availability in my area for something not meant for construction is harder to come by. Also, mdf's habit of absorbing liquid and expanding is making me consider other options.

2. Plywood- most of the same issues as mdf, but its much more available in my area. working with it shouldn't be an issue for me as i have a decent amount of tools around.

3. Acrylic sheets- I can get these at a fine arts store and have a little bit of experience in working with it. I'm a little concerned about how well things like glue and papercrete will adhere to it, but i think scuffing it with sand paper first should give it a better surface for things to stick too.

4. Thicker pasticard.- I think i can get some 3+mm sheets from a train hobby ship in the city, but i have no experience with this and from what I've seen it looks kinda flimsy, like plastic paper sheets.

5. Foam core- I can get this at a dollar store. the only thing i don't really like about this option is that it doesn't seem very durable at all and if my pieces end up having a lot of stone, papercrete and such, it just wont hold up.


I'd appreciate anyones feedback on their experiences, but at the moment i'm leaning towards the acrylic sheets.





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I have bought alot of MDF buildings for other games and can reommend it as terrain bases.

Either give it 2 coats of thinned wood glue or use automotuve filler primer (its what i used on the MDF Buildings)

Dont overdo it and you wont have any problems with warping.


Mark it with a pencil, cut it with a jigsaw and sand the edges.

Instead of foamcore get some insulation foam for terrain if you want some different levels on your bases.

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