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Surviving in a competitive meta with Thousand Sons

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Rune Priest Ridcully

Rune Priest Ridcully


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So as a breif lowdown, what's working with TS, especially rubric focussed lists these days? Got a ITC event next month and I'm torn between using my Thousand sons, Grey knights and Emperor's children, main issue I am having is I can make lists for the other two but can't make ones with TS I am happy with.
How much anti tank/no line of site do we need?

Need Snot green paint, will trade bits/pay for it.

QUOTE (Kol_Saresk @ Oct 22 2012, 06:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I love how GW creates the Warp Talon to be some sort of super-powered Raptor, and instead it's become the king-of-all-kitbashes.





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Ahriman, daemon princes, terminator sorcerers and sorcerers as HQs. A smattering of 5 and 15 man rubric squads to shield them, hold objectives and so on. Maybe the 10 man scarab occult terminator unit to teleport and clear out important units. A cultist squad or two for the command points. Maybe a tzaangor unit to take out culexus assassins / contest objectives middle game - but it shouldn't be too big, and might be left out.

Rubrics and terminators need to be cult of duplicity for the teleport spell. I prefer using the High Magister warlord trait via a strategem here so it becomes easier to get off the teleport when needed.

At least a winged daemon prince and a terminator need to be cult of magic for the spell, the relic and the fantastic warlord trait. Your warlord needs to be cult of magic for this to be legal. In most cases stacking both the relic and the trait on the winged daemon prince will let you fly up, cast tons of area of effect smites, and warp time him back to safety through another character, preferably Ahriman for his +1.

Unfortunately I do not think we have many other options that are good, strictly speaking. Lots of fun options though, if you're not too worried about how they perform on the table. GW seems to want chaos factions to soup up, so you could add in an alpha legion detachment or some daemons if they get ok rules in their Psychic Awakening book. Grey Knights have become a competitive option recently though, so you might want to bring them if you find yourself playing mostly competitively minded people.

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