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The Greater Good and the GSC

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Reclusiarch Krieg

Reclusiarch Krieg


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Is there anything worth it for a non-IG, non-Tau player who occassionally plays GSC in this book? The sparse YT reviews I've seen claim the rules are weak, but I don't trust them much these days.

What are your opinions? Any standouts? Any changes to how units / deployment work? What about the new Stratagems?

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Couple of good spells and 3 good strats for ridgerunners, sure itll be on battlecribe etc tho
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The strats for ridgerunners, bladed cog and Twisted Helix psychic power and the new strat to give the Magus two casts. That's all that stands out to me. I do think overall it's a poor showing and it appears GW was really reserved in giving us anything. We don't even get any new warlord traits or relics. 




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I have the book but my knowledge of the Cults resides in lore mostly so what's good or bad from the rules I can't judge.

Feel free to ask questions about the contents and I will do my best to answer.

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